Selected Insurance and Private Pay Available

Welcome to Peninsula Creative Counseling

I  am a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S) with over 10 years of experience providing therapy to children and families. I specialize in Child-Centered Play Therapy because traditional therapies do not typically work with children. Play therapy stresses the importance of the child, rather than on the medical-model focus on the "illness" or "diagnosis."  Play therapy helps children because it empowers them and stimulates developmental growth, self exploration, and self discovery. This often results in cognitive growth and positive behavioral change.

Children can work through behavioral issues, anxiety and depressive disorders, and conquer their struggles in school and sports. I specialize in providing therapy to young children, ages 2-11 years old, and to teens ages 12-17.

Parents and Clients can book appointments online through

Click on the "Find My Therapist" link and enter the name "Sandra Vest, LCSW, RPT-S" to view my schedule.  Or click "Haven't Seen Ms Vest Before" to upload your child's information to become a new client of PCC.

Now accepting private pay clients for those parents and families who wish complete privacy for their children. What is the benefit of private pay? When you file with insurance, a diagnosis is given and that becomes part of the permanent medical file. This can be used later on by companies to determine  life insurance premiums, military clearances, etc.  

Private Pay Menu of Services:

Play Therapy Intake Session $175

Play Therapy Session  $120

Parent Consultation Session $120

Group Session or Parenting Group  $50

Now Offering Parenting Consultation  Services. Please call or email for details!

Please print the following registration forms and bring them to your first appointment: